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The tramp oil Thickener uses a separation and concentration technique to thicken the tramp oil to a very low water content and spoon it from the emulsion system.

Maximize the reduction of the emulsion loss emulsion system, discharging the dirtiest pollutants in the emulsion.
The revolutionary invention is that each separation channel has the same flow ,Each parallel plates channel can be back washed with compressed air. Ultra-efficient allows the tramp oil to be separated during the emulsion stabilization time
The revolutionary invention is that Tramp oil Thickener has a concentration cone, The tramp oil is thickened in the concentration cone, and the emulsion is squeezed out during the tramp oil coalescence process. Dispersed Tramp oil coalesces into Concentrated tramp oil.
Use a spoon to pour out the Concentrated tramp oil. This allows for minimal interference separation and concentration.
Tramp oil Thickener equipped chemical-free sterilization-system. Eliminates the need to use traditional harsh chemicals.
Tramp oil Thickener is also equipped with various testing instruments to smartly control its working status.