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Floating weirs skimmer

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There are many different types of oil skimmer.Each type has different design features and therefore results in different applications and use.It is important to understand the design features before employing a particular skimmer type.

For example, in the case of hot-rolled aluminum, in order to remove the tramp oil, aluminum manufacturers use a variety of skimmers. Such as the drum, Belt and Disk Skimmers, but these skimmers are in a variety of unhappy places.

Summarize the main questions that have these:

1, most skimmer oil collection area is small,

2, some types of skimmers in the skimming process will cause secondary pollution

3, some types of skimmers to collect impurities in the water content of the high direct discharge will cause a waste.

In view of the above problems, we develop a skimmer

1、Adapted to any size tanks, high oil recovery efficiency

2、The weirs can self-adjust, simple operation

3、the collection of tramp oil low water content will not cause waste

4、no fragile parts, low maintenance costs

Although our products are not perfect, but for some industries is the most suitable